What to put on your wound?

Updated: Jan 18

Knowing what to put on your wound can raise a lot of questions. Especially when everyone you ask has a different opinion.

Some basic recommendations are

  1. Cleanser: Use a wound cleanser not an antiseptic unless you have a raging infection.

  2. 1st product needs to address the wound bed itself like getting rid of dead tissue, filling in the hole or encouraging healthy bright red tissue to grow quicker.

  3. 2nd product likely is your cover dressing. It needs to absorb some drainage and protect the wound from infection. A waterproof absorbent bandage with built-in adhesive is usually a good option to get you the most time between your dressing changes.

Keep it simple. You cannot use every product out there are the same time every product has it's place and time for best use. Here's a link to check out some products I normally recommend.

Check out the Video linked below to find out the basics of what a wound specialist may recommend to you. Remember this is fairly generalized advice and may not apply to you.

Want to save time? Then book a personalized appointment! Send a picture and a bit about what you are doing through the HELP button at www.betterwounds.com

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