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Waiting to see a specialist can delay your healing. 

Don't wait!

Meet Virtually with a Certified Wound Specialist. Video appointment, Home Programs and In-home care may be an option. 



Wound Services


Wounds Consults are intended to help boost your healing from home. 

If your healing is delayed and you want a second opinion from a wound specialist, you found me.  Grab your Video Visit and come prepared with some clear photos and products you already have available.  Video Visit


The Healing Bundle is ideal of you have a larger wound and we may need to have several conversations throughout your healing journey.




If self-care is more your speed, check out the do-it-yourself options. 

Nutition, Home Healing Exercise, Scar Care




Intended for clincian education, however if you are caring for wound on you or a loved-one you may benefit from these courses. ​


Better Wounds

Waiting for a wound to heal can be a long scary process. 

You likely have a lot of questions and may find yourself searching for help from family, friends and the internet. 

Faster healing means less infection, a better-looking scar and getting back to your regular life quicker!

Better Wounds provides access to specialists to help ease your mind, answer your questions and get your healing jumpstarted today!

If you have been told 

"It will take 6 months to heal."

"Just pack it with gauze."

"It looks fine"

And you are still worried and not healing:

............It's time to see a specialist. Book Today!


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