Cleaning your wound!

Updated: May 2

What you clean your wound with can either be helpful or harmful!

It always depends on the current situation of your wound, this is general educational info.

Do NOT use alcohol, hibicleanse, betadine or hydrogen peroxide on open wounds; Especially if the wound shows no signs of infection.

Instead, look for a ph balanced cleanser like saline or a wound cleanser, not an antiseptic.

You can try a Hypochlorous Acid which is a bacteriostatic agent that helps clean away bacteria from the surface of the wound not damaging that new healthy tissue. You can try SkinSmart fairly inexpensive with a nice spray bottle. Vashe is another option commonly used in wound care circles.

If there are signs of infection a bacteriostatic/antibacterial cleanser is recommended.

Anasept is one commonly recommended option to use as part of an infection control protocol which should also in medical management like antibiotics and antimicrobial wound dressings.

If you need assistance with a wound protocol please consider reaching out by sending a picture through he help button and a bit about what's going on now.

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