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8 Things You Can Do If Your Incision Starts to Go Dark

Updated: May 23, 2022

Necrosis after a lift or tuck can be common.

Necrosis is dark, black, leathery tissue. It does not necessarily mean there is an infection, although infection may develop because necrotic tissue is essentially dead or dying tissue; which can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Necrosis is evolving so you may see a dark spot at the beginning but it may turn into a larger area that appears diffuse and dark purple at first.

However, it will eventually develop defined borders that will pull away from the healing tissue and may get a glimpse of pus-like yellow tissue underneath. If there is an infection there may pain, an foul odor, increase in drainage and it may be hard or swollen or warm to the touch.

Make no mistake, Necrotic tissue needs to be removed. This is not get better if you leave it alone. There are various ways to remove dead tissue and you should be in communication with your surgeon about any changes to your incision including the presence of dark necrotic tissue and signs of infection.

Some will suggest the use of creams and gels and may want you back in for a debridement procedure. Great, follow their advice.

You can however do a lot from home to improve your situation while you wait for a procedure or to see how this wound evolves.

You need blood to flow in order to heal! These are a few tips that improve blood flow.

1. NO SMOKING! Smoking nicotine and weed cause decrease circulation.

2. STOP USING ANY COMPRESSION GARMENTS Tight garments cause restrictions, yes even that faja needs to wait.

3. NORMALIZE BLOOD SUGAR. High glucose means that blood vessels are tightening.

4. DRINK WATER. Thins out lymph fluid which helps move everything along. Clean out those toxins.

5. LIMIT SODIUM. High blood pressure causes vessels to be tighter.

6. MOVE MORE. Exercise is key for blood flow. Need help getting started. Check out my home program listed below but start by getting out of bed and walking around the house every hour.

7. MENTAL FOCUS. Mindful mediation combined with deep belly breathing can help to calm anxieties and improve your situation but improving deep core circulation. You can do this right now. Hand on belly! As you take a deep breath in push your belly out and fully exhale wringing all the air out of your lungs. Do that 5 times. You should feel lighter and that a deeper part of your body has been awoken.

8. NITRIC OXIDE Try adding a foods high in nitric oxide like beets or a supplement containing Arginine into to your daily intake. Nitric Oxide can increase vasodialation allowing more blood to reach the area of concern. (Of course if you are on a blood thinner, consult with your pharmacist or physician before adding any supplements)


You can find some of the products I commonly recommend here at Surgery Recovery Kit.

Plus to enhance your healing consider the Home Healing Program which includes a personal video consult, nutrition plan and early exercise plan.

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