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Red light therapy to improve skin and healing

Red Light therapy has been around for decades. Today, you can find numerous at-home machines and tools with lights promoting everything from wound healing to hair regrowth and arthritis pain relief. These modalities were previously only available in a clinic or office setting. Using these at-home laser light tools may not be for everyone but if you have used them during an office visit without negative side effects, explore their use at home to get the maximum benefits, including saving time and energy getting to appointments.

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT), cold laser, red light therapy and LED are all forms of photobiomodulation in use since 1960. These are not to be confused with medical Class 4 lasers used for ablation or surgical procedures. When light hits the skin, part of the energy will be absorbed, reflected and scattered. The energy has an effect on the level of the tissue depth to which the energy penetrates. The most common therapeutic tools are used at 660nm affects superficial tissue and 890nm can penetrate up to 2 inches deep.

Acute wounds like incisions and superficial open wounds without chronic disease associated may benefit from red light skin therapy by the local release of immune cells, blood vessel formation and other biological responses that reduce the time required for wound closure and strengthen scar tissue. Pain and swelling may also have a positive effect with light therapy which improves post-surgical recovery times.

Since receiving my therapeutic laser, I've treated folks with shoulder injuries, knee pain, tummy tuck incisions, and neck pain with decent results in only 5 minutes. Red light therapy can be added to any appropriate therapeutic treatment in-house, and you can always get your own with the link and discount codes listed below.

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