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Booking a Consult / What to expect

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

When you send a picture via social or through the helpdesk link you'll likely be asked what happened and what products you are using.

You can expect to hear a few things,

  1. Looks good, make a minor change and keep going.

  2. You should find a wound specialist near you or book a consult if you cannot get an appointment in the next few days. Some wounds are tricky and the dedicated personal time will allow us to cover many aspects to improve your healing, limit uncertainty and miscommunications.

  3. Go to urgent care. If there are signs of infection or significant tissue loss. Don't mess around. You need in-person medical attention asap.

When you book a consultation you will get access to a HIPPA Compliant Secure Video conference link for your meeting. Keep in mind I am Eastern Time NY when looking at the calendar.

We will discuss your history, current situation and make improvements to your plan. This may include changing your current products like cleansing products, altering diet, adding supplements and mobility.

After the call, you'll receive a follow-up email with details that we discussed written out for your reference.


Healing can be a winding path, especially when it becomes complicated along the way by infections, necrotic tissue, and splitting stitches. Not everyone has access to a wound specialist either because of geography, lack of referral, or costs reasons.

Unfortunately, not all doctors and surgeons are skilled wound specialists. Having access to one from the comfort of your home can be a valuable stress reliever.

After just one video call, we are able to establish a good solid plan, but follow-up questions are normal. Your wound is going to continue to change. You will likely need more advice down the line as your wound progresses and the situation changes. After your call you'll receive a discount code for you to be able to have another session to continue your progress since you rarely use the same products throughout the whole healing journey.

When you go to Book Your Consult Consider upgrading to the Healing Bundle, which includes downloadable resources on Nutrition, Scar Care, Tens Use, Early Mobility and Book Download.

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