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Healing after Surgery Resources

Updated: Mar 25

Since starting Better Wounds in 2018, there has been a lot of growth and change, but one thing is clear! There is a lot of information out there for someone experiencing a plastic surgery complication like a wound and some is quite misleading and contradictory. This causes lots of confusion for the general population. Many of you are mixing advice from doctors, surgery sisters and advice you heard growing up. As a wound care specialist for 17+ years, my goal is to help you recover after surgery complications and progress your healing journey as fast as possible.

This list is a compilation of those resources in one place to allow you to make the best possible choice about what is right for you in the phase you are currently in.


The Healthy Healing After Surgery is my book meant as a fairly comprehensive resource about the wound healing process in layman's terms.

Downloadable Resources:

Self-care Scar techniques for at-home care which can improve recovery for almost any procedure. Included is information about: What to look for about infections Caring for the wound Scar Massage Nutrition Stimulating Lymphatics Demo Videos Included along with a printable PDF

Subscribe to Better Wounds Youtube for latest videos and content to support your wound healing journey.

The best option if you are feeling overwhelmed is a personalized call because we can talk about what is actually going on in your particular situation. It gives you a chance to ask questions and we can get a lot more specific. If you want all the bells and whistles included the Home Healing Program includes all the downloadable resources and a call.

A few courses have been created for professionals working with post-op clients that may not be as familiar with wound care to improve confidence with care for your clients. Theses do not take the place of a wound care certification from an accredited testing organization. These are merely educational. Topics include:

  • How to Clean a Wound

  • Incision Care

  • What to do with Lipo Burn

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