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Holistic adjunctive modality to enhance wound healing

If you are already working a specialist, following all the recommendations for nutrition and activity, and are still having delayed healing results you may want to check out the Energy Enhanced Healing Package.

The use of energy and frequency medicine to heal the body is not a new phenomenon. There have been various forms of this work through the ages trying to restore balance and allow the body to heal. Think electric stimulation and radiofrequency, even some of the wound cleansers and products are working to restore balance by affecting the local pH of the tissue.

How is that possible without medication or being plugged into some contraption?

The product I use in my physical practice are Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy discs are created and designed by Dr. Mikel HG Hoff based on his neuro medical training and understanding that frequencies and energy are the basis of everything. These discs are wearable medical devices, a carbonized metal discs with an adhesive backing that have been embedded with frequency energy. The best part is there is no battery pack or charging up you need to do. Just stick them and forget them for 72 hours.

All body systems are dependent on frequencies from the nervous system to flow uninterrupted for optimal function. A wound is an actual cut in the system. It takes time for the wound to heal even if it is closed with stitches. A wound complicated by infection, necrotic tissue, or affected by a lack of circulation will take exponentially longer to heal. A wound can be further complicated by the cause of the wound if there are other body systems affected like lymphedema or diabetes. A chronic wound is often complicated further by long-standing chronic inflammation and eventual changes in mobility further complicating the healing process.

ANF Therapy is an amazing adjunctive therapy that can aid the body in finding balance and restoring homeostasis to recovery happen faster. This therapy can be used in conjunction with all other medical therapies used to heal a wound such as dressings, debridements, wound vacs and other modalities. You will continue with your plan plus this additional boost to your system to improve your healing process. The focus of the discs for wound healing will be focused on reducing inflammation, increase circulation, promoting healing antioxidants, immune system function and energy to promote new healthy cells.

There are numerous discs and potential applications which depend on your individual situation. If we are not geographically close enough for an in-person visit, we can accomplish this with a video visit and follow-up instructions for application. Each application is effective for 72 hours with an average of 10 discs/treatment. You may notice changes in sensation right away but overall healing a wound will take a few applications. I anticipate that 3 applications with good proper wound care would have your issues headed in the right direction.

If you are ready to try something new, Grab Access Here!

Purchase your pack, Book your personalized call, Apply Discs as instructed upon arrival!

Find out more about ANF Therapy FAQ directly from the creators


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