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Infected and Frustrated

Updated: May 19, 2021

Infection can be a common delay in wound healing. There are many causes of infection but ultimately the wound will not close until the body can destroy the invading bacteria/viruses. People I speak to are often frustrated by multiple courses of antibiotics and using honey products and still not healing.

Let's talk about what may be going on.

  1. General broad-spectrum antibiotics may not work for what you are growing. Infections can be bacteria, viruses, or fungi. They can be aerobic or anaerobic. Each category may need a different treatment. We hope to catch infections when they are superficial because deeper infections can lead to sepsis. Tissue cultures (like a punch biopsy) may be needed to determine the correct medication to treat your specific issue. If you have doubts about infection, you need to get medical attention.

  2. Oral antibiotics may not reach the wound very well. Oral medication needs to be digested and transported a long way. If you have issues like poor circulation, diabetes or a long-standing open area will poor vascularity; the infection may not be eradicated by oral antibiotics alone. Deeper infections may require IV medication in a hospital setting. Topical antimicrobials are very useful to treat the surface infection in conjunction with any oral or IV medication.

  3. Right product, wrong time. There is a place and time for everything and honey may not be the right product at the moment you are using it. There are literally 1000's of wound products on the market. Do not get frustrated when one is not working for you. We can absolutely find another one. There is a myriad of dressings, cleansers, and treatments with multiple different combinations. Sometimes you'll need a complete change including the cleanser and other times you may need a prescription product to jumpstart the healing process. Some of my favorite products are listed here. In all honesty, if you are tired of trying a bunch of stuff and not healing: It's time to book a private consultation.

  4. You are not getting enough activity. The body needs to be mobile. In order to flush out toxins, bring good healing nutrients to the wound and get that antibiotic to the wound, you have to move. Gone are the days where you would lie in a hospital bed until you were healed. You have to get moving a little bit every hour. Pump those legs, Move those arms. Breath deeply and Get on your feet. Need guidance? Check out a home healing program

  5. Calm anxiety. Wounds take time to heal. Within a few days of getting on medication or treatment, you should know if it's working. Look for signs like less pain, swelling, drainage to know if you are headed on the right track. Focus on things you can control like getting good nutrients including protein, water, and vitamins in your body to help it heal. Talk out your concerns with your providers, loved ones and find a group of people that are in your situation. Social media makes connecting with people even easier than ever before, try searching Groups.

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