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Healing Home Program for Wound Healing

Working in the hospital the last few months has been like nothing I've ever seen before.

With good reason, people are only going to the hospital if they are very ill.

Seeing first hand the effects of not getting enough mobility and care has been on people, I want to help you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy at home. So, I created a home program designed mainly for folks with skin and wound issues, like leg ulcers and edema.

This Home Program includes nutritional information and includes a progressive exercise plan.

♦️A printable version

♦️Daily/Weekly Tracker

♦️Videos to guide the exercises

♦️Private Facebook group only for those in the group

Looking forward to helping folks stay Healthy at Home and as always available by video for anyone that needs a bit more individualized care and attention.

If you want to know if this is right for you or how I can help you with your slow healing wound. Let's get on a call this week


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